Sweat was drippin’ off of Mack and Cheese’s foreheads. they sat facing each other with their fists clenched.

Mack began, “OK Cheese. Let’s go! this fight has been intense. This final battle will determine the champ!”

Cheese agreed, “That’s right! ROCK, PAPER, SCISSORS… SHOOT!

Both boys’ fists exploded into two different shapes! Mack’s fist exploded into a sheet of paper.

Cheese’s fist exploded into, “Scissors! I win! I’m the Champ! That is what you call me from now on. Champ Cheese!”

Mack was upset, “More like Chump Cheese!”

“Well! The crown and I are going downstairs to challenge the parents!” said Cheese.

He walked downstairs and only saw Dad.

“Hey Dad. Where’s Mom?” Cheese asked.

“She went to the bathroom right quick. How can I help you?” replied Dad.

“I challenge you to a Rock, Paper, Scissors battle! I just beat Mack and I’m the Champ!” announced Cheese.

Dad laughed, “Not for long! ROCK, PAPER, SCISSORS… SHOOT!

And their fists exploded!