“What should we do with all of these rocks?” asked Cheese.

“That’s a good question. We could build something, throw them at some glass, separate them by size or color, or we could stack them into a pile.” Mack replied.

“Oh! Look at this one!” Cheese pulls out a green stone that bounced all of the light off of it. “Is this an emerald, Mack?”
“I do not know. How should I know?” said Mack.

“Let’s go on the internet and find out.” Cheese said excitedly pulling the chair up to the family’s computer.

“We need to ask Mom or Dad first, Cheese. We are not old enough to use the computer by ourselves. I don’t want to get in trouble.” Mack informed him.

Cheese yelled, “Mooooooooom! Can you come use the computer with us? We want to do some research on some rocks.”

“Sure! And thanks for asking guys. The internet is a powerful tool. Sometimes too strong for children.” Mom assured the boys.

“OK, Mom look up these rocks. Here is a green one, black one and a gold one.” Mack said.

“Describe them to me, please.” Mom requested.

“Ok this green one is like see through, dull not shiny, almost like a crystal.” described Cheese.

Mom looked surprised. “Ok, that looks like it is an emerald. How big it? It could be worth some money!”

“Really? Ok, I’m done! I’m going to go sell this now and get some more Revenger action figures!” Cheese said.

“Well how rich am I, Mom? This gold one is gold, right? It’s shiny” said Mack excitedly.

“Just because it’s shiny and gold, it could be fake. Or what some people call it, Fool’s Gold” Mom informed him.

“Aww man!” Mack whined.

“Since he’s broke, can we go to the store now, Mom?” Cheese bragged.