“Do you guys want to go on a road trip?” Mom asked Mack and Cheese.

She had on a sweat suit, so it could not be anywhere fancy.

Mack thought to himself, “Hmmm. We have not gone anywhere in a while except the backyard and bike riding. How bad could it be?” then he let out a loud, “Sure Mom! I wanna go! Where are we going?”

“Eh, just to town. We have to pick up lunch.” She sensed the disappointment and added, “Hey, you can stay here with Dad inside the house.”

Mack and Cheese looked at each other then looked at Mom.

Cheese let out a “Yeah Sure!” and they all hopped in the car.

“Mom can you turn the radio to Kidz Bop?! We love that.” Cheese requested and Mom turned to the Kidz Bop station just as they started singing their latest cover song. Mack sang along and Cheese covered his ears!

Cheese complained, “Dude! Your singing needs improvement. You are hurting our ears!”

Mack replied, “Whatever! I get better everyday!”