“All of this playing has made me hungry! I’ve worked up an appetite. I wonder what Dad is cooking for dinner.” Asked Cheese.

“Dude. You did not work up an appetite! You smell dinner being prepared downstairs. Just like I do. I think it’s chicken and waffles.” Said Mack.

The boys and their noses followed the aroma downstairs and into the kitchen.

Mack spoke first, “Hey Dad! What are you cooking?”

“Oh it is a simple dinner tonight. Fried chicken, white rice, and cabbage.” Dad replied.

“White rice and cabbage? I thought you was cooking chicken and waffles.” Mack said.

“Hey Dad, why do you like rice so much? You cook it with every meal! Including breakfast with you egg and rice dish!” said Cheese.

“I think it is because your Nana cooked it everyday when I was growing up in Summerville. Rice is a big staple in the Lowcountry. Plus it is inexpensive and goes with everything.” Said Dad.

“Meh! I’m tired of eating it. Can you make some waffles tonight?” asked Cheese.

Dad sighed, “You about to eat rice and cabbage tonight! How about I make waffles for breakfast tomorrow?”

“That’s a deal, Dad!” shouted Mack.