Mack and Cheese had a full day of homeschool today.

“MAN! Mom really worked us out today, Cheese. My brain was starting to hurt.” said Mack as he rubbed his forehead.

“I didn’t think it was that bad, bro. I learned about nickels.” Cheese said.

“Didn’t you learn about nickels with Dad?! I remember that lesson.” replied Mack.

Cheese thought for a bit. “You’re right. Dad did teach me about nickels. No wonder it was so easy!”

“Mooooom! You should do another Math lesson with Cheese. He already had the nickel lesson!” Mack yelled.

“A review is OK. We’ll do a new Math lesson tomorrow.” Mom answered. “You guys should go outside and play. I think Gary is out back with a football.”

Cheese and Mack took off their homeschool clothes and put on some play clothes.

As they ran past Mom and Dad, Cheese yelled, “See you later, guys! We’ll be out back!”

“Have fun!” replied Dad unsure if the boys heard him.

Mom was right. Gary was in his backyard tossing the football up to himself.

“Hey Gary! Throw it here!” Mack said.

Gary saw Mack and tossed it, “Catch!”