Mack and Cheese sat in their rooms turning pages. Mom needed some quiet time, so the boys were given two choices: Take a nap or read a book. Surprisingly, they both chose to read.

“OK boys! Time’s up! You can go play now. I have had enough quiet time for today.” Said Mom wiping the sleep from her face.

“Hey what’s up Cheese? I heard you trying to whisper. What book were you reading?”
Asked Mack.

“Oh. It was the Monster Mystery series. I didn’t finish it. The kid investigators were just about to unmask the mystery monster when Mom said ‘Time’s up!’ So I closed the book. What about you? Since you heard me whispering, I guess you read a book too. Which one?” Cheese said.

“I read a couple of books, actually. I started with a magical wizard book. It was a short story, so I finished that one in about 5 minutes. The second book I started is much longer. I‘m still reading it. It’s called ‘Sun & Breeze Everyday’. It’s about these four kids: 2 girls and 2 boys. They all live on the beach and have formed a beach club. So every day, they bike down to the coast and build different types of sand castles. They take turns designing the castles on paper and then build on the beach. They were working on a rocket when Mom called.” Said Mack.