Mack sighed, “Cheese, Mom says that it’s reading time. Go grab a book and take it downstairs. We both have to read.”

Cheese’s mouth flew open, “But Mom said that it’s a no-school day!”

“I know! That’s what I told her. Do you want to know what she said?” asked Mack.

“I sure do!” replied Cheese.

“She said ‘You guys should read everyday. Even if it is a no-school day. Now go get a book and tell your brother too.’ So here I am.” Mack said.

Cheese grabbed the Black Jaguar book from the shelf. Mack grabbed his History of Brix book.

“I’ll meet you downstairs, Mack.” said Cheese.

Mack joined Cheese on the couch and began to read quietly.

“I ask you guys to read everyday so your reading skills will improve. If you only read when we are in school, you won’t improve. It’s like practicing for a basketball game. You don’t play ball only in a game; you must practice. So reading often helps you when it’s time to read in the real world.” Mom informed the boys.

Mack said, “I get it. Practice makes perfect.”

Mom updated his phrase, “PERFECT practice makes perfect!”