“IT’S RAINING!!” Mack shouted. “Mom, can we go outside and play?”

Mom went into the garage and opened the rollup door. It was raining with no thunder and lightning. Plus it was warm.

She said, “If I let you guys go play in this, you have to come inside at first thunderand lightning OR when your Dad or I say to come in. OK?”

“Deal!” agreed Cheese.

The boys ran to their rooms to put on their rain gear: swim trunks, tank tops, raincoats, and rain boots.

“Let’s dig a hole. That way we will have fresh mud!” Mack suggested.

The ground was so soft. It had been raining for the past two hours. It only took a couple of minutes to dig a hole to make good mud pies. It was like their lucky day!
First, they were allowed to play in the rain and then Gary came out and joined them.

“Look at this, guys!” Cheese hurled a blob of mud at a passing car. Luckily, he has bad aim and the pie fell short.

**POW!** was the sound of Mack’s pie slamming into the side of the same car that Cheese missed!

The car stopped…. “RUN!!” the three shouted.

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