***Make sure you read 139/366 before you read this one***

The driver got out of his jeep in the middle of the rain to assess the damage. As the rain was falling, he stopped at the bumper where Mack’s pie was now washing away from the red paint.

The old man looked over at the boys hiding behind the bushes. He smiled, “It’s ok, boys. No damage. Be careful though, next time you might not be so lucky.”

Mack yelled, “Sorry!” and waved.

The man got back into his jeep and drove away.

“That was close.” Cheese said.

Mack agreed, “Yeah! Too close! Let’s not do that again.”

“Already ahead of you!” said Gary as he tossed a mudball in Mack and Cheese’s direction.

“MUD FIGHT!” Cheese yelled.

“WAIT!” Mack interrupted. “Let’s go into the backyard and do this. That way we won’t slip up and hit another car.”

Cheese corrected him, “That sounds like a plan, BUT there’s no WE! I missed. You hit the jeep!”

As the boys got to the backyard, they noticed Mom standing in the back door… watching them.
Mack, Cheese, and Gary waved at Mom.

Mack whispered, “I wonder if Mom saw what happened.”

Cheese and Gary shushed him.

Mom opened the back door and said, “Wonder if I saw WHAT happen?!”

Obviously, Mack needs a lesson in whispering.