“Hey Mack! What do we do when it is raining outside?” asked Cheese.

Mack replied, “We have PLENTY of rainy day options, bro! We can watch a movie, go outside and have a water fight, read a book, bake some cookies, draw in our sketch pads, play…”

Cheese interrupted, “OK OK! I get it. So which one of those are we gonna do? I am thinking water fight and drawing.”

“Yeah, that sounds good. Let’s do it. Go get Mom or Dad so they can get the drawing video ready.” said Mack.

Cheese found Mom first. She was downstairs in the kitchen.

“Mom, Mack and I are gonna go have a water fight. When we get back inside, will you start the drawing video for us?” asked Cheese.

“OK.” Mom agreed.

Then Mack and Cheese went outside for the water fight. Their neighbor, Gary, was already outside. He was playing in their fortress.

“Hey Mack! Hey Cheese!” said Gary.

“Hey Gary! Go get your water gun! We are about to have a water fight!” proclaimed Mack.

Mack and Cheese grabbed four water guns, two water cannons, and a bucket. They were ready for war!