Mom rang the cowbell to signal the end of our homeschool day. This meant two things: 1) We were done for the school week…yes, it’s Friday! And B) Dad said he’d ‘consider’ taking us to Bullseye.

“Hey Mack! What does ‘consider’ mean?” Cheese asked.

Mack replied, “How should I know, dude!? I didn’t use it. Go ask Dad.”

Cheese paused for a second and said, “I think I will, but not before I put on my shoes, grab my wallet, and grab my mask.”
He counted his money and put his wallet in his pocket. When he got downstairs, he saw Dad sitting at the table. “Hey Dad. Can we go to Bullseye now?”

Dad was confused, “Huh? What are you talking about?”

“Can you take us to Bullseye? You said you’d contemplate it…whatever that means. And I was wondering if you’re ready to take us.” debated Cheese.

Dad looked at Cheese and let out a sigh… “Sure!”

As soon as Dad answered, Cheese ran upstairs to tell Mack and he came downstairs to ask Dad if he could go. Wanting to keep the peace in the house, he took both boys to Bullseye.

“Look Cheese! Bullseye has moved the toy section. It used to be on the right side, now it’s on the left side!” observed Mack.

“I see that! As long as they still have Brix, I don’t care where they put the toys!” said Cheese. “And there they are!”

Dad laid down the law, “OK guys, it’s still DAYVID season, we’re not staying in here long. Find something QUICK and let’s go home!”

It only took the boys 3 aisles to find what they wanted and they were headed to the registers. Dad saw someone he used to work with in the store and he stopped to talk a bit.

Cheese inquired, “Hey Dad. How did you know that you knew that guy? You both had masks on.”

Dad answered, “Well, I sorta didn’t. It just looked like someone I knew. He looked at me like he recognized me and I said his name. It’s funny how it worked out that way. These masks can only hide so much. Folks recognize us by other features as well. So you guys be aware of that.”

[7/24] *I typed this one straight into the laptop.