“Hey Cheese, let’s prank Dad! Grab some Brix and put them in this cup! I’m gonna set it on top of the door. We are going to call him and when he comes in, it’s gonna fall on his head!” laughed Mack.

“OK. I’ll get my camera so we can record it.” Added Cheese.

Mack climbed up on the bookshelf and placed the cup on the door.

“Get the camera ready, Cheese. I’m about to call Dad!” said Mack.

Mack walked to the top of the stairs and yelled, “Dad! Can you help me? I’m in my room!”

Dad saw Cheese at the top of the stairs. “What does your brother want?”

“I don’t know. He’s in his room. I think he’s trying to get something out of his closet and can’t reach it.” Replied Cheese.

Dad sighed, “OK.”

“Whatever you do, Dad. Don’t look up!” Cheese giggled.

Dad pushed Mack’s door open. “Hey Ma…” *splash* The Brix blocks fell onto Dad’s head.

Mack came out of his closet laughing. “Got ya Dad!!”

“And I got it all recorded!” said Cheese.

“You guys are gonna get it.” Dad laughed. “Watch your backs!”