“Cheese, rainy days aren’t that fun. All we do is stay inside. No bike riding, no hide and seek, no water wars,… just … inside!” Mack complained.

“I know right! Remember when you couldn’t find me in hide and seek!? That was a good day. Let’s grab our Terf guns and find Dad!” Cheese said anxiously.

“Great idea!” said Mack as he grabbed two of his Terf guns and several bullets.

The boys ran into Dad’s room and started shooting.
Dad mumbled, “Not now, guys. I’m taking a nap. And while I finish, you should go have some target practice. None of your bullets hit me.”

The boys grabbed their bullets and went to their room.

Mack too charge, “Grab three of your bears and I’ll grab three of mine. Line them up and let’s shoot!”

Cheese got excited, “Hey! I did pretty good. I hit two of the bears.”

Mack rained on his parade, “You didn’t even hit half of the bears. Watch this!” He took six shots. “Look! I shot the other four bears down!”

Cheese pouted, “Well that wasn’t a nice thing to say. At least I hit something.”

Mack stretched his arm around Cheese, “Good point, Dude! Good job! Let’s keep practicing for Dad!”