“Mom, can I have your ‘I Voted’ sticker?” asked Cheese. It’d like I voted too, but I’m not old enough.”

“I want one too!” interrupted Mack.

“Well one day you will be old enough to cast your first ballot. And if you guys let us, your Dad and I will be right there with you!” smiled Mom.

“Now that everyone has voted, now what?” Mack asked.

“Well first of all everyone doesn’t vote, some people choose not to. That’s unfortunate. People have fought for you and me to be able to vote. When I vote, I vote in honor of them. Now what happens next is that the votes have to be counted. It usually takes one night to count, but in rare occasions, it takes a little longer than that.” Mom explained.

“Oh OK. Sounds complicated. Can we go watch a movie?” asked Cheese.

“Sure. But you’re going to miss the best part. We get to see how other places voted.” Mom said in a singsong voice.

The boys got up and walked toward the stairs.

“We’ll pass, Mom.” said Cheese.

“One day, you’ll be watching the results too!” Mom yelled.