“Don’t forget your shovel, Dad. Mom wants these plants OUTTA HERE!” Cheese reminded him.

“So Cheese. Are you going to help? Or are you gonna sit on the porch and play on your tablet?” asked Dad.

Cheese looked around the yard, then back at Dad. “It looks hot out there. I see you are sweating too. I think I’m gonna stay here on the porch and supervise. You are doing a great job though, Dad.”

Dad sighed, “Well what about you Mack? Are you helping? Or are you ‘supervising’ too?”

“Supervise!” Mack answered quickly.

“Y’all two are no help!” complained Dad.

“Well sometimes when we help, you ask us to get out of the way. So this time we won’t get in the way, so you won’t tell us to get out of the way.” Mack said.

Cheese nodded in agreement. “Good point, Bro!”

“Man! School is almost over, Bro! School work is gonna get lighter, days are gonna get longer, more time for play, and the fun is gonna get bigger! Hand me those chips!” said Mack.

“How are you on a snack break and you have not done any work?!” said Cheese.

“EASY! Watching Dad work, makes me hungry!” laughed Mack.

“Don’t you give him those chips, Cheese! Those are mine. You don’t work, you don’t eat.” explained Dad.