“Alright guys! Time to get some homeschooling lessons in.” Mom instructed. “Mack, we’ll do some Math first.”

“Aww Mom, do we have to?” Mack whined.

“Yes sir! And since you are whining, you now have a pop quiz. Get a piece of paper out. Write these Math problems down.
Number 1: 9+4 =
Number 2: 13+14 =
Number 3: 14-7 =
Number 4: 5+X = 8, what is X?
Number 5: 123-13 =
And Number 6: 16-8 =
You have one minute. Go!” And Mom started the clock.

Mack went into student mode at the word ‘Go!’ Mom looked at Cheese and he got nervous. Cheese never wanted to do a pop quiz. Or any kind of quiz for that matter.

“Mom, I’m a do-er! I learn by doing! I don’t want a pop quiz.” Cheese said.

Professor Mom smiled, “Well that’s great. I don’t have a pop quiz for you, BUT I do need you to read out loud from this book, The Cat of Nine Tails until I say ‘Stop!’”

Cheese began to read.

Mom looked at her watch, “Time’s up, Mack! Pencil down! What do you have?”

Mack answered, “Number 1: 13; Number 2: 27; Number 3…”