“BOYS! Come eat your breakfast!” Mom yelled upstairs.

Mack and Cheese came running down the stairs.

“I knew I smelled bacon. And is this freshly squeezed orange juice, Mom?” Asked Cheese.

“Why yessir, it is. See the peels over here?” replied Mom.

The boys ate their breakfast and didn’t waste any time heading back upstairs to play video games. 30 minutes later, Dad walked into their bathroom.

“Dad! Why are you going into our bathroom? You have your own.” Said Mack.

“I gotta go number 2 and I don’t want my bathroom to smell!” laughed Dad. “Just kidding! Your tub is draining slow. I have to figure out what is going on in there.”

Mack looked into the bathroom and said, “

Oh OK. Only Cheese and I can poop in our bathroom.”

Dad ignored that comment and proceeded to clean their drain.

“Guys! Come look at this!” said Dad.

“Yeah Dad?!” Cheese said. “YUCK! What is that?”

Dad was holding several items covered in black gunk. “It looks like a few pieces of plastic, old chewing gum, plastic labels, and some paper.” He said.

“And it SMELLS! I’m glad you got that out of there for us! You can use our bathroom anytime you want to, Dad!” said Mack.