“Let’s play pool noodle sword fight, guys!” shouted Cheese.

“I call the blue one!” said Gary.

“I get the yellow one!” said Mack.

Cheese groaned, “Well I guess I gotta take the red one.”

“Everyone pick a base. When I say ‘Go’, we fight!” directed Mack. “Every kid for himself. Ready to fight?! GO!”

The kids came out of their bases swinging. Blue against red, red against yellow, and yellow against blue. Everything was fine until the blue pool noodle POPPED Cheese on his left ear.

“Owwww! Why did you do that Gary!? There is no hitting on the head! You’re cheating!” fussed Cheese.

“I’m sorry, man!” pleaded Gary.

“No you’re not! You meant to do it! And now my ear hurts!” Tears started falling down Cheese’s face and then he ran into the house.

“It’s ok, Gary. I’ll go talk to him.” Mack said.

Gary pleaded, “I’m really sorry, Mack! I didn’t mean to hit him in his head!”

Mack dropped his pool noodle sword, walked towards the house, and said, “I will tell him. We will be back out in a few minutes. I think he’s fine.”