“Hey Mack! Look! It’s more kids!” Cheese said pointing across the backyard.

Mack smiled as Gary and the small group approached. “Hey Guys! Hey Gary! Who are your friends?”

“These are some friends from school. We just got out.” Gary replied.

“Cool! Do you guys want to play with us?” asked Cheese.

Gary replied for the group. “We can’t right now. We have a class project to work on. Maybe after.”

“Aww man! We were about to play Terf gun wars!” Cheese said.

Mack interrupted, “Let them go get their work done. Education is important. We can go do something else while they finish.” He turned to Gary and friends. “You guys have fun!”

Mack and Cheese walked around the house and found Mom and Dad carving pumpkins.

“Whatchadoin? Can we help?” asked Mack.

Mom smiled, “Sure you can! Here, take this pumpkin! I’m done! My fingers are tired. Dad will help you!” She sat the pumpkin down and ran like something was chasing her!

“OK guys! Here’s the pumpkin cutter. Mom has already drawn the face and took out the pumpkin guts! You two just have to cut it out. Think you can do that?” instructed Dad.

30 minutes later…

“Check it out, Dad!” exclaimed Cheese

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