“WAIT! Bro, you can’t do that! Put that down before I tell Mom.” said Cheese.

“It’s just a hammer, bro. We use it when we’re building stuff with Dad.” replied Mack.

“Well I don’t see Dad and we’re not building anything. You know he says ‘Tools are not toys.’ Let’s jump rope or something.” suggested Cheese.

Mack huffed and puffed, “I’ll put this back, but I’m not jumping rope with you. I’m going inside.”

Mack walked inside the house. As soon as the door closed, Gary walked up.
“Hey Cheese. What’s up? Where’s Mack?”

Cheese smiled, “Hey Gary! Nothin much. Just hanging out in the driveway. Mack just went into the house. I think he’s upset with me. Wanna go over to the clubhouse?”

“Yeah sure, man! I want to show you some of my new Brix. I‘m gonna run inside and get them.” said Gary.

“OK. I’ll meet you out back. I’ll see if Mack wants to come.” Cheese said as he ran inside the house. “Hey Mack. I’m running to the backyard. Gary has some new Brix he wants to show me. You coming?”

Mack was still upset with Cheese. “No You can go. I’m not coming out again today!”