“Dad, can we go next door to see if Gary can come out and play with us?” Mack asked.
He was already moving closer to Gary’s yard next door.

Dad replied, “Yes, but if no one answers the door bell after the first time, do not worry about it.”

Before Dad could finish, Mack and Cheese were on Gary’s porch. No one answered the door, so the boys came back and asked Dad to play.

Cheese started negotiating, “Since Gary is not home, Dad you have to play with us.”

“Uhh, that is not how it works, Cheese… But I will play with you guys. I need the exercise.” said Dad. “You guys go out in the yard and I will take turns throwing the whiffle ball to you.”

“This ball is so light, I don’t need my glove, Dad!” said Mack throwing the ball over Dad’s head… but he caught it!

“Nice catch, Dad!” Cheese said in amazement.

They played catch for the next hour until Cheese said, “OK, I am tired of this and the gnats are bothering me! Let’s go ride our bikes through the neighborhood.”

Dad resisted, “WHOA! I have not ridden a bicycle since I was your age, guys! I need training wheels.”

Mack laughed, “Don’t be silly, Dad. Your bike does not have training wheels!”

“You can have my old ones, if you really need them.” Cheese offered.

“I think I will be ok Cheese. But thanks for the offer. It was kind of you.” Said Dad.