“Hey Mack!”
“Yeah Cheese!?”
“The street light just came on. Are you ready to go inside yet?”
Mack thought a bit and then responded, “We’ll go inside in about 15 minutes. I need to ride my bike some more!”
“Good idea!” Cheese agreed “I’ll race you on my scooter!”
“Maxwell! Keith!” Mom yelled before we could make it to the end of the driveway. “Where do yall think yall are going? The street light is on AND it’s dark out here! Get your behinds in this house!”
We put our stuff in the garage and went inside.
“Go straight to your bathrooms and get washed up! Yall smell like outside.” Mom said.
Cheese whispered, “Hey Mack. What does outside smell like?”
“I don’t even know. Grass maybe?”
From bathtime until about bedtime, Mack and Cheese debated on what “outside” smelled like.
“Like I said earlier. It’s probably grass. Or trees.”
“Well what about garbage or mud?”
“No. It can’t be that. It’s dry outside and we both know what garbage smells like.”
“Hmmm. It smells like nothing! But if it has to smell like something, it’s dirt.” Cheese ended.
“Let’s ask Mom.” They agreed.
“Hey Mom” Mack started “What does outside smell like?”
“That’s a good question.” Mom replied. “Outside smells like…”