Dad pulled his golden piggy bank from off of his desk, sat on the living room floor, and called for the boys.
“Mack! Cheese! Come down here real quick!” he said.

The boys came running down the stairs and into the living room.

“Yeah, Dad?!” Mack answered.

“Come over by me and have a seat. We are going to have math class right here on the floor.” instructed Dad.

Cheese sighed, “Do we have to, Dad?”

“Yes!” Dad replied. He unplugged the bank and emptied its contents onto the floor.

“Do we get to keep this money?” asked Mack.

“I will tell you what. If you and Cheese can count this money correctly, you two can halve the money. 50-50 split.” agreed Dad.
Mack’s eyes got wide. It looked like there could be hundreds of thousands of dollars in that pile! Cheese just scratched his head.

Cheese said, “That sounds nice, Dad. This is a lot! I am gonna give it my best though!”

Mack grabbed a pile of coins and got to work.

Cheese on the other hand, counted out loud, “67-68-69-70-71…”

“CHEESE! You have to count to yourself. You messed me up! Now I have to start over.” Mack complained.

Dad watched the boys work their math, “Let me know if you need some help, guys. I am here for you.”