Mack and Cheese were out playing in the backyard when Mom yelled to Mack, “Mack! Can you go get the mail from the mailbox and boxes off the porch for me?”

Dad interrupted, “I already grabbed it, dear. I placed it on the couch. Oh yeah, there is a package from Nana and PopPop for the boys.”

Mack’s eyes grew wide. “How big is it?”

“Go get your brother before you step a foot inside the house!” said Mom.

“CHEESE! Come here! We got a package from Nana and PopPop!” yelled Mack.

Cheese came sprinting from across the backyard. The boys had been playing in the hideout for most of the day.

Mom directed the boys, “Come inside and wash your hands, boys!”

Cheese walked out of the bathroom and let out a little cough.

Dad looked up from his book, “You alright, buddy?”

“Yes, sir. It’s just a small cough and my throat is scratchy.” replied Cheese.

“Really?” asked Mom. “Do you think you need to go to the doctor?”

“No ma’am. I think medicine and whatever is in this box will make me feel better.” Cheese said.

“Oh really?!” Mom laughed. “Go ahead, Mack. Open it.”

Nana and PopPop had sent the boys some books, some money, some Brix, and a card. And it read, “Hey guys. Since you can’t come here, due to DAYVID, we decided to send you a few things. We hope you enjoy them! Love, Nana and PopPop.”

“This is awesome. But I can’t play with the Brix right now. I don’t feel so well.” Cheese complained.

Mom turned to Dad and said, “Get the thermometer.”