“MAXWELL! And KEITH! Get up here right now!” Mom yelled.

She was standing in front of their rooms. Both of them looked like a tornado had just gone through! Mack and Cheese turned off the downstairs TV and ran upstairs to see what Mom needed.

“Yes ma’am?” Mack asked out of breath.

“One… or both of you tell me what’s wrong with this picture!” demanded Mom.

“Our rooms are messy?” guessed Cheese.

Mom nodded, “You are correct sir AND you two will be cleaning up for the rest of the day. Now get to work!”

“But Mom!” whined Mack.

“Don’t ‘But Mom’ me! Y’all are not going to be some messy kids. Now clean up before I send Dad in here!” she replied.

“Yes ma’am!” they said in unison.

Mack let out a long sigh and started on his room. Across the hall, Cheese just sat on his bed looking around as if he did not know where to start. After about 15 minutes, Mack had completed about half of his room.

Cheese stood at Mack’s door, “Hey Bro. Can I pay you to clean my room?”

Mack looked up, “Yeah sure you can pay me! It may cost you a little. It may cost you a lot. But it’s gonna cost you!”