“Cheese. You ever had a nap so good that when you woke up you thought it was the next day?” asked Mack.

“Yep! Just the other day! Those are the best naps. I woke you up because I’m about to leave for guitar practice.” Cheese said.

“Cool! Thanks for waking me up though. I thought it was Saturday morning for real. When you got to your class, make sure that you pay attention and listen to your instructor. They are sharing knowledge that you are trying to get.” Advised Mack.

Cheese looked shocked, “When did you get to be so smart?”

Mack smiled, “I’m your big brother. I’ve been through all of this before! I didn’t become the best piano player in the house by not listening to my instructor.”

“OK! I’ve heard enough. I’ll see you when we get back.” Said Cheese as he walked out of Mack’s room.

Mack got up out of the bed, grabbed his chess set, went to Dad’s man cave, and knocked.

“Come in, Mack!” Dad said.

“How did you know it was me?” Mack asked in amazement.

Dad smiled, “Because your mother took cheese to his guitar lessons. Which means you should be the only other person in this house. Now set up the chess set.”