“It is such a nice day outside. It is warm!” Mack said after he took the trash to the end of the driveway.

“Oh really?” Asked Dad.

“Yessir. Even though it is still winter, it feels like summer. It is HOT!” shouted Mack.

Dad got up from his work desk, put his slippers on, and went out on the front porch. Mack and Cheese followed right behind him.

Cheese pulled on Dad’s shirt, “Can we go over to the park?”

“I have to do some more work. Let me ask Mom if she can sit on the porch and watch you guys down there.” Said Dad.

About 5 minutes later, Mom came out onto the porch.

“OK boys. You have 30 minutes to play at the park. Do not leave the park unless you are coming back to this house. If one of you leave, you BOTH leave! And finally, do NOT talk to strangers! What do you do if a stranger comes up to you?” asked Mom.

Mack spoke up, “We don’t talk to them and we come straight home!”

Mom smiled, “That is correct! Now go play. I’m about to start the clock.”

“See ya later, Mom!” yelled Cheese.

Mack ran down the hill and into the park. He went from the porch to the slides in like 2 minutes!

“Let’s race up the slides, Cheese. It’s King of the Mountain time!” said Mack.