“Hey give that back, Mack! I wanted that notebook!” yelled Cheese.

“What? This notebook? You threw it in the trash! You did not want it anymore.” replied Mack.

“Well I want it now. We are in my room, so it is still mine! Give it back!” Cheese huffed.

“That is so not fair, bro! I am taking you to Parent Court. Let’s go!” said Mack.

Mack gave Cheese the notebook and they went downstairs.

Mack spoke first, “Mom! Dad! The Parent Court is now in session! Who is the on-duty Parent Judge?”

Mom laughed, “It ha been a while since we have had Parent Court! I think I am on duty. I think ‘The Case of the Missing Cake’ was the last trial and your Dad was Parent Judge. What is the problem, guys?”

Cheese spoke up, “I remember that case! That was some good cake! But today, we are here about MY notebook! Mack wants to keep my notebook!” And he held it up.

“Why do you want his notebook, Mack?” Judge Mom asked.

“Because he threw it away. I got it from out of his trashcan. I was gonna use it to write more stories.” argued Mack.

Judge Mom turned to Cheese. “Did you throw it away?” She asked.

“Yes, Your Honor. But it is still my room.” said Cheese.

Mom slapped her hand on the table, “I have heard enough. This case is closing. A verdict has been reached.”