Mack and Cheese packed their bags for vacation with Nana and PopPop.

“Hey Nana. What should I pack? Are we going into a pool or a beach? Do I need my swim trunks?” wondered Cheese.

“Can I bring my stuffed animals? How long are we going? WHERE are we going?” asked Mack.

“So many questions, guys! Has your Mom and Dad said you two can go? You have to ask them first.” said Nana.

Mack and Cheese stopped packing their suitcases and went to find their nearest parent. Which turned out to be Dad still in his Man Cave.

**knock knock**
“Come in!” Dad said.

“Whoa! You didn’t ask ‘Who is it?’ But anyway… We know you told us to tell the person at the door that ‘We don’t want any!” but it was Nana and she wants to take us on vacation with them and she said we have to ask you or Mom!” explained Mack in one breath.

“Nana?! As in MY Mother is here? And she wants to take Y’ALL on vacation. And not me? That’s not even fair. What did your Mom say when you asked her?” replied Dad.