“FRESH AIR!!!!” Mack yelled.

Cheese jumped off of the back deck and sprinted across the yard. This was their first time going outside in about a week.

Mack noticed, “Look Cheese! Our fort is still here! Remember the one we made right before DAYVID kept us all inside?! Thankfully, the kids from the neighborhood did not tear it down!”

“I see!” said Cheese. He was hanging upside down from the tree near the fort. “Well sorta. It is like blood is rushing through my head. Lemme get down.”

“Right! Get down out of that tree. You know how Mom will get if she sees you. Let’s play something. I don’t know how long we have out here to play!” Mack directed.

Cheese grabbed the Frisbee from the garage and the boys played catch for a little while.

“Whew! That’s enough of that. We gotta get more throwing lessons from Dad. I am tired of chasing that Frisbee around the yard. Let’s get some water and then build something out by our fort.” Cheese said out of breath.

“Sure. Let’s ask Dad if we can get our toolboxes. We are going to need them for our project!” Mack said.

They both yelled, “DAAAAAAAAD!”