“Hold on, Dad. I need to tie my shoe.” said Cheese. He bent down to get his hiking boots straight.

Since he had the day off, Dad took the family to go chase some waterfalls. Now they were on their second hike of the day; headed to the tallest waterfall in their state.

“Shhh!” Mack said to everyone. “Listen! I can hear the waterfalls, we must be getting close.”

Mom paused to take a picture of Mack and Cheese adventuring through the woods, hiking sticks in hand.

“Look at that, Mack! It looks like the purple heart-shaped herb from Black Jaguar! I wonder if I drink it, it will make me strong.” Cheese wondered.

“Don’t be silly, Cheese! That right there is just another purple flower with no real power giving abilities.” Mack informed him.

“LOOK!” Cheese shouted. They had finished their trek through the woods and made it to the falls. “Snack time!” he continued.

“Well while you eat, I’m going exploring!” said Mack.

Dad warned him, “Don’t go too far and be careful! This is not our house. We are in the house of several creatures and animals. Look out for them and you should be ok!”