Cheese pulled the Revengers Brix set box off of the shelf. “Hey Mom. Can I get this set? I think I have enough money.” He asked.

“How much money do you have and how much does it cost… and don’t forget you have to pay tax.” Said Mom.

Cheese looked through his wallet. “It looks like I have $23. This Brix set costs $19.99. How much is tax?”

“It’s probably around $2. You should have enough. If not, I will give you the rest.” Replied Mom.

Mack looked up from the Brix City set box he held in his hands.

“Will you buy me a set too, Mom?” Mack inquired.

Mom replied quickly, “I’m not buying Cheese a set. I said that I will help him with the taxes. IF he needs help. What are you getting?”

“I’m not sure yet. I might get some Brix, I might get some Stickymon cards, OR I might get some new colored pencils for when I want to color my drawings.” Mack said.

“Well make your decision, soon, because I’m not staying in this store all day.” Said Mom.

“Yeah! Hurry up, bro. My legs are getting tired!” complained. Cheese.