Mack and Cheese were sitting quietly in their room when they heard some rumblings downstairs. Someone was now running up the stairs.

Dad opened the door and said, “WHO BROKE MY CHAIR?!”

Mack and Cheese looked at each other as if they did not know what he was talking about.

While Dad was running errands for the third time today, Mack and Cheese were in Dad’s Man Cave watching movies. An hour had passed since it had happened and telling Dad would be the second time they would tell the story.

The first time was when Mom came into the Cave after hearing a loud POP. That ‘pop’ was Dad’s recliner being opened too far while being used as a surfboard.

Imagine “relaxing” a recliner to lay allllll the way back. Then picture two little boys standing and jumping on said recliner!
Yep! There was the POP and they both fell to the ground… well maybe Mom heard the thud onto the ground. Either way, Mom came up the stairs faster than Dad.

Now Dad is in front of Mack and Cheese, “Who broke my chair?!”

Mack and Cheese pointed at each other, “HE DID!”