“Cheese, I am bored sitting here in the room.” sighed Mack.

“Well get up out of the bed and do something.” replied Cheese.

“I know, but what?” asked Mack.

“Dude! We have everything we could ever want in our rooms! Look over there! You have a chessboard. In the toy bins, you have trading cards, Brix, Terf guns, Revenger figures, and yo-yos.” Cheese pointed out. “AND that is not even all of it! You got a TV, a video game system, coloring books, sketch pads, and most importantly, BOOKS!”

Mack agreed, “OK! OK! You are right. Help me figure out something to do. What do you want to play with in my room?”

Cheese thought for a second. “I know I am tired of playing with Brix today. Let’s go get Dad and draw something.” he suggested.

“Yeah, let’s do that.” agreed Mack.

They went downstairs and found Dad fast asleep on the couch.

“Welp, there goes that idea! I am not waking him up!” Cheese said.

Mack sighed, “You got that right. Back to the drawing board.”