“Hey Mom. Do you know what makes your gums feel better after you lose a tooth?” asked Cheese.

“I don’t think I do. What makes your gums feel better, son?” replied Mom.

Cheese smiled at her, “ICE CREAM!”

“You may have a point there, son, BUT you gotta eat those carrots off your plate. No eat, no treat. Your body needs to consume vegetables. Not just sweets and treats. Clean your plate. Then come talk to me.”

Mack looked at Cheese and laughed. “You want me to eat your carrots, bro? I love carrots!”

“What’s the catch? There’s always a catch.” Cheese said.

“Well, since you asked, I get half of your ice cream. I won’t ask for all of it this time. Do we have a deal?” Mack negotiated.

“You will not get any ice cream if he eats your carrots. That’s not how this works. If Mack eats your ice cream, he can get half of it and you won’t get ANY tonight!” Mom interrupted.

“But Mom, ice cream will make my gums feel better AND the tooth fairy left a note saying. ‘eat mor eyes cream!’ So I need more ice cream to make my teeth grow back in.” said Cheese.