Cheese sat on his bed and Mack laid on the floor. They were both thumbing through their baseball cards.

“Dude! It’s so hard to find a fresh pack of baseball cards.” Cheese said.

“Yeah. It’s crazy, bro! One day the shelves were stocked, and then the next day shelves were bare. We should write letters to the companies! Maybe they will send us some!” thought Mack.

Cheese laughed, “Yeah right! the most we can do right now is trade cards with each other.”

“I’ll pass” said Mack as he closed his binder. “Let’s go and play some basketball in the driveway.”

“You can play basketball. I’ll ride my bike around the block a few times. I need the exercise. More than 365 days into this pandemic! We still can only play in our yard or with people who live near us.” said Cheese.

“Yeah! I’m soooo over this pandemic! I wanna travel. I wanna see family. I wanna see friends. I just wanna walk around without having to wear a mask! When with the next normal get here?!” Mack yelled.