“Hey Mack! New Year’s Eve is like my second favorite holiday. Right after Christmas… and my birthday… and vacation days. Do you know why?” asked Cheese.

“Before I reply, I want to point out the New Year’s Eve cannot be your second favorite holiday after you named all of that other stuff.” Mack laughed. “And I do not know. Why is New Year’s Eve your second favorite holiday?”

“I love the fireworks, duh! And Dad has already bought us some for this year! He bought bottle rockets, roman candles, multi-missiles, ultra bombs, and fireflies. It’s gonna be great.” replied Cheese.

“Makes sense. I like New Year’s Eve because we get to stay up late, watch the ball drop, and watch the clock turn 12 midnight!” said Mack.

“I got an idea! Come with me, Mack!” shouted Cheese.

Cheese ran out of the room and Mack was right behind him. They went downstairs and found Mom and Dad drinking sparkling grape juice.

“Hey Dad!” Cheese started. “For New Year’s Eve 2021, can we go to New York City and watch the ball drop AT the ball drop?!”

“We will have to think about that, Dude. Depends on the DAYVID pandemic AND! It is usually COLD and probably snowing on an average December day in New York!” Dad informed the boys.

“OH! Great points! But I like the cold, so as long as we wear our masks, we should be good.” Cheese said.