“Hey Cheesy Mack! Get your shoes on, we need to go to the store.” Said Mom.

“Which store are we going to? Do I need to bring my money? If we got to the mall, I want to get some new shoes.” Mack announced.

Mom laughed, “Some shoes? What kind of shoes you want? And more importantly, do you have new shoes money?”

“Of course I do! See.” Mack flashed $20 in ones to Mom. “I think this should be enough.”

Mom laughed again. “We’ll see. I wasn’t gonna go by the mall, but since you got some cash we will go. But first, we have to get Dad’s birthday present.”

“I wanna go too!” yelled Cheese.

“Well let’s go then!” replied Mom.

The trio made stops at Wally’s, Geoffrey’s, and the mall.

Cheese yawned, “I’m going to take a nap now. Wake me up when we get home, bro!”

“No problem.” Said Mack. “Mom, thanks for going by the mall.”

“You’re welcome, son! Just remember how much those shoes cost. $20 won’t get you a pair of $80 shoes.” Advised Mom.

“Yes ma’am. I just need a few more dollars to get them. Maybe next week, after I take out the trash.” Said Mack.