The small twigs and leaves crackled underneath Cheese, Mack, and Mom’s footsteps.

“Well guys. Since we are out here in the woods, we might as well get a science lesson on this nature hike.” Said Mom.

“Can you hold my hand, Mom?” asked Cheese.

She grabbed his hand and they continued their stroll.

“Look up there! It’s a bald eagle. That thing is huge! Look at its wingspan. Its head is bright white and beak bright yellow. It looks unreal.” Pointed Mack.

As the restarted their walk, Mom stuck out her arms in front of the boys. “Stop!” she whispered. “I think that is a snake ahead on the path.”

Mack picked up a stick and threw it in the direction of the ‘snake’.

“It didn’t move.” Said Cheese.

“Let’s go see if it is a snake.” Said Mack.

“No. Not yet. Throw something else and see if it moves. Here, Mack. Throw this.” Said Mom handing him a rock.

Mack threw it close, but did not hit it. Mack took some steps toward it and the black line began to move.

“Good eyes, Mom. That is a snake!” Mack said.

“OK guys. I’m going the other way. I have had enough nature on this walk!” announced Cheese.

“Just give it a minute, bro. It’s moving out of the way. Once it is off the trail, we can run past it… get ready!” said Mack.