Cheese teased Mack, “I bet you didn’t cheat today, dude!”

“I sure didn’t! Mom didn’t give me any chances. But that’s ok, because I’m not going to cheat ever again and I mean it.” promised Mack. “So let’s not bring it up anymore, please.”

“I was talking with Dad earlier. He said tomorrow’s going to be a busy day. He’s going to change the oil in the cars. AND he’s taking us to a kid’s do-it-yourself workshop. I love those!” Cheese said.

Mack smiled, “I do too! Remember all of the buttons and pins we’ve collected from those workshops… and the aprons?”

“Yep. My favorite one was the Revengers series and all of the buttons created a large Revengers picture when placed side by side. I think he said tomorrow’s project is a tabletop basketball set.” Cheese was getting excited and tomorrow hadn’t even come yet. “Do you remember how to hold a hammer and nail, Mack? I think I forgot. I can’t afford to lose any fingers.”

“Well, you have to be careful. Don’t be in a rush to hit the nail. Because the minute you get in a rush… SMASH!” Mack pounded the table and laughed. The hammer will hit your finger and it will fall off. Bye-bye finger!”

“Well in that case, let’s go to the garage and get some hammer and nail practice in.” Cheese said nervously.