“Mack, why are you watching that quiz game show?” asked Cheese.

“Because! I like guessing at the answers.” replied Mack.

Dad was sitting in the kitchen playing a game on his cell phone. He overheard the boys’ conversation and decided that it was time for another scavenger hunt clue. He pulled another scroll from his pocket and threw it in front of the TV for the boys to find.

“CHEESE! It’s the next clue!” shouted Mack.

Cheese got excited, “Open it! What does it say?”

Mack unrolled the scroll and started reading. “Send us the most popular song of your birth year. (title and artist) GO!

Cheese started directing, “Mack, go get your tablet and I’ll go get a pencil and paper. 2010 and 2012 were not that long ago.”

Mack started tapping on his wireless keyboard. “Hmmm! Let’s see here. 2010’s most popular song was ‘Tik Tok by ke$ha’. And 2012’s was ‘Somebody That I Used to Know by Gotye’.” said Mack.

Cheese made a weird face, “ke$ha? Gotye? Never heard of them!”