“Let’s head downstairs for some cartoons, Cheese.” Said Mack. “The Revengers are about to come on.”

“Oh yeah! It’s 10 o’clock. Time to go!” agreed Cheese.

The boys proceeded to sit in front of the TV for the next 5 hours. They watched Revengers, Stickymon, and all kinds of commercials.

“Bro, do you remember the movie preview for Speedster? It says it opens this weekend. I think it is time for some movie candy and hot buttered popcorn.” Suggested Mack.

“That sounds like a plan. Are you driving?” asked Cheese.

Mack laughed, “Very funny, bro! You know that I cannot drive. I am about to ask Mom if she can drop us off.”

Mack found Mom in front of her bathroom mirror twisting her hair.

“Hey Mom. Can you drop Cheese and I off at the movie theater? We have money for the movie and snacks, so you do not have to worry.” Said Mack.

Mom replied, “The movies and snacks are not what I am worried about! I am worried about how you think it is fine for your parent to leave a 7 and a 9 year old at the movies by themselves. Ain’t happenin! End of story!”