Mom’s garden needs a makeover!
Many of the plants are hard and brown, except some mint leaves. Dad made four additional garden beds for Mom and we helped. It wasn’t much, but we moved the bricks first. Then Mom strategically placed the plants into different sections of the garden. They look dead too, but Mom says that they’re still alive.
“Cheese!” Mack shouted. “Let’s grab our scooters and let’s go riding.”
Cheese had just got a new scooter for Christmas and is still learning how to ride it. Dad offers Cheese some advice on how to ride, but Cheese doesn’t listen.
The boys rode up and down the street for hours before the rain came and ruined everything, except Mom’s garden. When Mack and Cheese got inside, dinner was ready. They washed their hands and headed to the dinner table.
Cheese said, “The rain better be glad we were hungry, so we didn’t mind coming inside.“