“Dude you never told me ‘what you call a dinosaur that is sleeping’. What’s the answer?” Mack reminded Cheese.

“Oh yeah! It is called a ‘dino-SNORE’! Get it? Dino-snore as in sleeping.” Cheese laughed.

Mack groaned.

“Hmm.” Cheese said. “That is weird. I think my tooth is loose.”

Mack looked into Cheese’s mouth like he could tell which tooth was loose just by looking at it.

“I must admit. I am not a dentist, BUT I can pull that tooth out for you, if you want me to. It may cost you a little, it may cost you a lot, but it is gonna cost you!” smiled Mack.

Cheese declined, “No thanks. I can wait until it falls out on its own.”

Mack sighed, “Remember when we used to go places when we felt like going? Dad took us to a baseball game and a waterfall in less than a day! That was fun!”

“Yeah, that was fun! DAYVID is trying to take all of that away from us. I wish it would just go away!” Cheese complained.

Mack turned on his TV to the music channel.

“Let’s have some fun! I think it is time for a dance party!” said Mack.

“I am all for that, bro! Turn the music up!” agreed Cheese.

The music was so loud, they did not hear Mom coming up the stairs.