Even though we’re homeschooled, I believe we have something in common with kids who go to public schools. The hate of homework! What kid loves homework?!

“You know what, Cheese? There are so many other things I’d rather do than homework. Like go outside and play; like watch TV; like build with Brix; like have a Terf gun battle with you; and we could go to sleep… Sleep is definitely better than homework!”, Mack said.

“You’re right, Mack! BUT…I only have a little bit of work. Can you help me with my math?” Cheese asked.

“Yeah sure! Looks like you’re doing “Adding 9s”. That’s easy! A 9 wants to be a 10. So if you’re adding 9 + 8, subtract one from the eight and add it to the nine to make 10, then add the 8 and you get 18. See easy peasy lemon squeezie!” Mack calculated.

“WHAT!?” Cheese said “Now I’m even more confused. Where are my flash cards!?”