“Batten down the hatches! Swab the deck! Walk the plank! Starboard!” Cheese shouted.

“What does that even mean, Captain?” asked Mack.

The boys were in the backyard playing Captain of the Ship. Of course, it was Cheese’s turn playing Captain.

“Well, I think I just asked you to Check for food! Clean up around here! And do some exercises… QUICKLY! Now stop talking and get to work! This is your Captain speaking.” replied Cheese.

Mack saluted, “Aye! Aye! Captain!”

Dad stuck his head out of the backdoor. “Hey boys! CATCH!”
Then he threw some paper in their direction. Mack almost caught it, but it fell to his feet.

“Nice catch, Mack!” Cheese joked.

“You didn’t catch it either, bro!” Mack said.

Cheese smiled, “Good point… anyway. What is it?”

Mack picked up the paper. “It’s a scavenger hunt clue!” Then unrolled the scroll: The mineral, Vigradiant, is found in Black Jaguar’s home country. What’s the name of his country? GO!