DAYVID has changed life as Mack and Cheese know it. Park visits, movie watching, and simply playing with kids have all changed.

“OK, Mom! It is adventure day! Where are we going?” asked Cheese.

Mom looked at Mack and Cheese standing in her bedroom door, with a map in his hands.

“Guys! I am trying to sleep.” She said and pulled the blanket over her head.

They climbed over Dad and sat on the bed between Mom and Dad.

“Oww, Dude! You are sitting on my knee!” Dad said to Cheese.

“Sorry Dad!” Cheese moved over a bit. “Mack! Show them the map!”

Mack pulled the blanket from Mom’s face, unfolded the map, and showed them the places where they want to go. He started, “So are we going to the mountains? Or the beach?”

Mom said, “How do you know those are our options?”

“Because you said ‘Close!’ when I said ‘waterfalls’” replied Cheese.

Mom smiled, “I did say ‘close’! Close meaning ‘Close By!’”

“Ohhh!” said Cheese.

“Back to the drawing board, Cheese!” said Mack as he folded up the map.

And they left the room as quickly as they had appeared at the door.