What you are witnessing started with a goal statement from 2017 on the campus of UCLA. In a class called, Reinvent Yourself & Thrive. What intended to be a book, turned into something much bigger. In 2019, the instructor, Terry Schmidt, from that class sent me an article of a guy who was writing a story everyday for 365 days for his daughter. I thought to myself, “Self! Let’s try that!”
My wife, Ramonia, asked me what my 2020 goals are and I didn’t have an answer. So I made a list of goals and this was on it. …so here we are!

Mack and Cheese are the nicknames of two brothers. These two characters are loosely based on the lives of my sons, Elijah and Daniel. Some stories may be longer than others and some stories might end with a question or situation where you can ask your little reader, “What do you think?, What would you do?, How do you feel?, and etc.

Comments are welcomed and encouraged. They may lead to more story ideas. HOWEVER, this is not English class. Please don’t attack my writing style. (If you do, it will probably be ignored.) There may not be an oxford comma where one should be. Consider it a simple mistake and don’t sweat it.

If there are any illustrators out there, feel free to share your vision of Mack & Cheese. Our email address is mackandcheeseeveryday@gmail.com. Don’t forget to subscribe and follow us on the gram @mackandcheeseeveryday!

Now that you know how Mack & Cheese is really made, let the journey begin




Ahhh, I see you kept reading! Here’s a little bit of information “About the Author”.

Gregg Nelson could possibly be the next New York Times bestselling author. He hasn’t always dreamt of being a writer, but when he did, he came up with Mack & Cheese. He’s a full-time engineer who writes in his spare time. Mr. Nelson, his wife and sons call the Graniteville, SC area home. You can use Mack & Cheese’s email account and IG account to contact him.