“Money, money, money, money, MONAY!” Mack sang as he walked into Cheese’s bedroom.

“Can you knock first, bro?! You know my rules!” fussed Cheese.

“My bad, bro! I need some money. I saw some sneakers that I want to get.” Said Mack.

“Well, I can’t help you! I spent all of my money at the store last week! Go ask Mom and Dad for some money. Do some chores or something.” Suggested Cheese.

Mack smiled, “Good point.”

Mack ran downstairs and saw Dad eating leftover fried chicken.

“Dad, is that leftover fried chicken from last night?” Mack asked.

“It sure is! You and your brother decided not to eat it, so now I’m eating it. What’s up?” Dad replied.

“I need some money. I saw some shoes that I want to get. I would like to do some chores where you and Mom would pay me.” Mack said.

Dad thought for a sec. “OK. Empty every trash can in the house, replace their bags and load those bags on the truck. Get the trash can from out of the back yard and load it onto the truck. Bring me my wallet and we will go to the dump where you will throw the trash away. When we get back to the house, I will pay you five dollars.”

“Five dollars? Come on, Dad! Make it ten and you got yourself a deal!” replied Mack.