“Boys! Put your jackets on. We are gonna take a trip to the museum.” Mom said. “With DAYVID around, all of the good field trip spots are empty.”

“Which museum are we going to, Mom?” asked Cheese.

“It is the one across from the soda factory.” Mom replied.

“Oh! That is the magic museum! Let’s go!” shouted Cheese.

“YES! I can learn some new magic tricks! Remember how I turned that penny into a dime. Then how I made the red ball disappear, then reappear?” Mack said.

“The faster you guys get your jackets, the sooner we can get there. If we have time, we can head over to the soda factory. I hear they have an area in their lobby the talks about their history and process.” announced Mom.

Mack smiled, “Magic and soda?! We will be right back, Mom.”

The boys ran upstairs and grabbed their jackets. Cheese had a little trouble getting his off of the hanger.

“A little help. Please Mack.” Cheese asked.

“Anytime, bro” said Mack as he helped Cheese with his coat.

“This is gonna be a fun day. You got on your walking shoes, right?” Cheese said.

“Of course, bro. We gonna be on our feet all day. So I am ready!” said Mack.